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We have renewed our recruiting website!

Renewal of recruiting website

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our recruitment website, which was first launched in August 2022.

The new site is composed of two sections: interviews with Indie-us Games staff members and a jobs page, which provides more concrete information about our company, such as how we work and how we work.

Our Recruitment Site TOP

We're also looking to hire new graduates!

We have been recruiting only mid-career job seekers until now, but from February 2023, we will start recruiting new graduates. We are looking forward to welcoming young creators to our team.

Job Page for New Graduate Recruitment


We're looking for people to help us create content that will resonate with many people using the Unreal Engine!

You can apply for our job openings through our recruiting website.

We are still recruiting for mid-career positions and look forward to hearing from you.

* Both of these programs are open to those who can speak business-level Japanese.


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