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About Us

About to Indie-us Games.

Indie-us Games is a group of professionals specializing in Unreal Engine. We are involved in all aspects of Unreal Engine, including game development, VR, video production, lectures and seminars for students and professionals, and consulting.

"Indie-us" is a word coined from the words "indie" and "us," and means "our independence".
We chose this name not only because it means "independence" but also "freedom" and "individuality".

Why use Unreal Engine?

Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5 is game engine developed by Epic Games and is used in game development, VR, video, architecture, and many other fields.

We are professionals in the use of Unreal Engine, and we are able to create high quality content very quickly.

We also value the content we create as IP, and by using Unreal Engine, we will create content that resonates with many people in the world.

Education, lectures, and distribution of video content.

Indie-us Games works with educational institutions to support students.
We provide lectures tailored to the needs of the field for vocational schools in the game and computer graphics industries, as well as seminars, study sessions, and consulting services for professionals.

We will also produce educational video content to help those who want to learn Unreal Engine learn more effectively.

Game and asset content creation.

Indie-us Games uses Unreal Engine to create all kinds of content.
Our main focus is on our extensive game development experience, but we also have experience in all areas of video and architecture.


We also specialize in 3D content creation using Blender, an open source 3DCG tool, and are capable of creating background models as well as characters. We are also capable of technical work such as rig production.


Other than Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, and other industry standard tools can also be supported.

Company overview



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