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TrinityS Presskit


In TrinityS, much like the MMOs that inspired it, movement and positioning are crucial, and a momentary error in judgment can be fatal. Standing still grants powerful buffs to your party but also leaves you vulnerable to attack. Find the perfect balance between offense and defense to succeed against the monster’s relentless attacks.


Take up a position, grasp the opportunity!

"Adventurer" The more you stay in place, the more you obtain the protection.

The "Raging Attacks" hinder it.

Important to tell stillness from movement!

Hunt down the boss and steer your party victory!

"Get in position" give your party advantages!

Between battles, arm your adventurer with skills to fine-tune your play style. The selection of skills after battles is random, making each play through different. Choose the ones that suit you best, then strategize with your team to take down bosses with speed, skill, and finesse.


Title: TrinityS

Release date: April 28, 2022

Price: $14.99

Platform: Steam

Genre: Online coop multiplayer action


Developer / Releaser: Indie-us Games Co. Ltd.

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Download ZIP • 50.45MB



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